Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips on How to Select the Right GPS Car Tracking System

A car tracking system can have many benefits for you. You feel secured on the status of your car. You
know where your car is or where a certain vehicle is. It can be used as a tracking device for company
owned vehicles to make sure that it is used accordingly and to avoid loss.

Not all car finder systems are as efficient as you think. Quality will always be your primary concern.
You want to make sure that this GPS tracking device serves your purposes well.

To make sure that you get what you are paying for, here are some useful tips on selecting the right
GPS car tracking system:

Determine how much money you are willing to spend. Not only will you have to pay for the product
itself, but, you may also have to pay a monthly service fee, depending on the product you purchase.

Think about the GPS tracking systems offered by companies such as Securatrak. These systems use
the GPS satellite network to track your car on a computer screen. Some of these systems also include
a cellular phone for verbal communication with the operator at the central station. The cellular phone
also allows the operator to listen in on what is happening in the car, an ideal feature if you are being
car jacked.

Some of these systems include a "panic button" to alert the operator at the central station that there
is a medical emergency and help is required. Some also include a feature that permits you to track
your own car via the internet. The technology also allows the system to monitor the operation of your
vehicle so that the central-station operator can alert you of any mechanical problems. You can use the
cellular phone to contact the central station to obtain directions to a destination.

Discover whether the installation staff at your retailer is skilled enough for a complicated job, such
as a GPS system. Since you need a quality vehicle tracking system, installation must be done perfectly
as possible. You must also consider how professional the staff is for such a task.

Consider the monitoring station and its operators. Have the personnel been trained? Are there
redundancies if something should go wrong at the central station? Is there seamless integration
of communication between the central station and emergency institutions such as hospitals or the

Is there a good database on emergency institutions? Is there a good database of navigational
information should you need to call the central station for directions to a destination? How good is
the company's relationship with the various police departments around the country?

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