Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Geotab GO5 Compact And Its Top Four Benefits

Todays technology has advanced in a much wider term. Before, you only get to see vehicles tracking system being used in James bond movies. You see them tracking their opponents way and corner them at one place at one snap, amazing right? But that is not anymore the case today. Vehicle tracking device is already out and is made available to anyone at any given purpose.

The Global positioning system is an advanced technique in which an individual can track down vehicle right then and there. This system entails a lot benefits for individual used. It relays detailed information about the exact location of an individual so you can track your fleet easily.

The top four benefits of Geotab GO5 Compact vehicle tracking are the following:

Improve driving skills

The device itself can monitor every movement of the vehicle therefore; it can easily determine the driver’s behaviour while driving. By setting up alarms at any exceeding speed limit, it would definitely warn drivers that they are monitored by the device. The primary benefit of this system is that it can help avoid road accidents.

Updated reports of vehicles position

The vehicle tracking device can locate routes and can even manage the vehicle route according to the situation. If the vehicle is trapped in a place, you can easily track the closest vehicle and can ask the driver to immediately divert to a particular location. Thus this is best for companies who would want to make sure that their employees are doing their deliveries promptly. This reduces the idle time and improves employees’ performance at work.

Schedule vehicle maintenance

The Geotab GO5 Compact provides maintenance report to the manager that is based on the last service schedule of the vehicle. Therefore it keeps you updated about the service schedule at all times. Its automatic information won’t miss with any maintenance done during inspection.

Minimise the theft risk

In today's unsafe surroundings and lots of crime issues, one has to be vigilant with this slowly rising and the most common crime which is theft. Thus, it is important to monitor the location of the vehicle for the local law enforcer to easily trace it in case of emergency and therefore can easily retrieve your stolen vehicles in no time. No sweat in finding where the thieves have brought it.

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