Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reduce Cost and Maximise Productivity with a Vehicle Tracking Device

For a logistic or courier company, keeping track of vehicles and what their drivers are doing are a major challenge. They are clueless on the whereabouts of the lorries laden with their clients’ goods and have to rely only on the honesty of their staff to do their job.

However, in today’s competitive business landscape coupled with the increasing pressure to minimise opportunity, overhead and profit losses while ensuring steady revenue streams, everything must be accounted for. Thus, a proper and ideal fleet management solution that sees through all the business operations is essential.

Realising this need, many companies are investing in a vehicle tracking and management device to prevent board-level issues. This device is based on an advance software technology fixed in a vehicle that provides accurate movements and location of a lorry. With a vehicle tracking device, logistics, courier as well as transport companies can facilitate and take control of their operations while reducing costs.

Presently, Geotab Go5 Compact is the leading GPS tracking device that allows businesses to:

● Significantly reduce operational costs through implementation of a powerful telematics solution

● Enhance customer satisfaction

● improve asset and employee safety

The Geotab GO5 Compact is a revolutionary new car tracking GPS solution from Securatrak. It has a “fit in your hand” design and allows simple DIY installation eliminating costly and professional engineering which is an additional cost savings to a business. Once connected, the GO5 Compact vehicle tracking device will automatically deliver precise GPS based telemetry information.

With these information, fleet managers will be able to:

● Reduce lost profit by reducing unproductive activities

● Stop late starts, early finishing, long rest periods, taking too long at clients etc which can account to 25% of a drivers day – all lost profit or opportunity

● Assign the closest vehicle to an urgent job

● Address client complaints with information

● Ensure contracts are being serviced correctly ensuring customer service satisfaction

● Ensure sales teams are spending time with clients rather than too long elsewhere

● Analyse cost of sale versus time with client to ensure accounts are being serviced correctly and not over or under managed

● Benchmark high performers against struggling sales people to help team development and optimal performance

● Ensure time is not spent at the wrong place (too much time at home, golf course etc)

● Manage time to ensure visit KPI's are met according to deadline or scheduled

● Ensure employees arrive on time and complete tasks as scheduled

● Eliminate jobs on the side

● Stop false time sheets

● Prevent drivers from going out of their way to congregate for lunch

● Choose the best operative for a rush job

● Arrival notification to ready load bay teams

● Bottle neck analysis to analyse lost time

● Fuel savings through route control

● Time management eliminating excessive breaks and late start / early finish

● Engine telemetry management

● Contract management ensures clients get the service they require

● Location control and expand operations without the need for rearranging a schedule

● Closest vehicle analysis, deploy the right vehicle every time

With these benefits, companies will be able to maximise their employees’ productivity, reduce operational costs, efficient and effective delivery scheduling system, ensure asset and employee safety as well as guarantee customer service satisfaction and increase their profit-based activities.

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